Departure Board & v3.3.2

8th October, 2021
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

Welcome back the departure board! We know how much you all loved this and have made it even better for V3 with a brand new design that we think you’ll absolutely love. There are a bunch more improvements with this release, so let’s get stuck in!

Departure Board

The departure board is back and can be accessed from the dashboard - find the new “Dashboards” widget and select “Flights” to open up the re-designed departure board on a dedicated full-screen tab. Perfect for displaying on a TV in the foyer, or on a large monitor in operations. There is also the ticker message which can be configured by an administrator in the settings.

Regulator Setting

To better help all organisations, and make Smart adapt to the inherent differences between regulators - for example CASA in Australia, and the CAA in New Zealand - Administrators can now set the regulator they operate under from their settings. You can also set your individual preference from your profile, which currently helps when viewing your own personal logbook.

This implementation is by no means finished and will continue to be expanded on moving forward, but those operating under other regulators will begin to notice the system morph to suit those specific and intricate requirements.

Licence Rating Expiries

To help with flight reviews and proficiency checks we have started by adding an “Expiry” and “Expiry Note” fields to applicable licence ratings. This will handle flight reviews and proficiency checks, and is checked during booking and dispatch to ensure compliance. The reason we chose to use a more general expiry was to handle the variety of situations your rating may no longer be valid, like a flight review, proficiency check, or internal checking & training procedures. Just add the relevant context to the “Expiry Note”.

Logbooks & Instrument Procedures

It was requested to be able to see the associated instrument procedures in the logbook. So we have added a toggle to the top of the screen to show any associated instrument procedures with a particular log entry.

Search Documentation

The documentation can now be searched to find what you’re looking for. Select the search field and start typing. Any matching items will be shown, making it easier and faster to get to what you are looking for.

New Permissions

We added some new "View Maintenance" & "View All Flights" permissions, these will restrict everyone to seeing only their flights and no maintenance until administrators update the permissions as they see fit.

Wrap Up

On the Flight screen, the Only Today’s Flights and Only My Flights toggles will now remember their position as you refresh and move around the system. We have also extended the Launchpad voting timeline out to four weeks, and a number of smaller bugs were fixed. See the release notes for full details. Until next time!

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