Goodbye complexity. Hello simplicity.

Stop battling broken spreadsheets and dusty filing cabinets.

Streamline your operations

Optimise your organisation from the top down.

Compliance First

We work directly with regulators to ensure your organisation is always compliant. No more sleepless nights before an audit.

Boost Productivity

Powerful AI driven insights let you keep aircraft flying and students on course. Eliminate costly bottlenecks and downtime with confidence.

Training Solved

Monitor and track your students' progress and trends, right down to the performance criteria.

Consolidate your records

Our tools allow you to transition away from paper.

Stay Synced

Your one account can join any organisation. All your licences, medicals & logbooks stay synced across any organisation you're with.

Flight & Duty

Our rostering system is fully compliant with CASA's CAO 48 appendix-based flight and duty regulations.

Automatic Backups

We handle it all. No more on site servers or 3rd party IT support. Your data is secured on AWS with automated daily backups.
Product comparison
Feature by Smart Competitor A Competitor B
Web Based
Access on desktop, laptop or mobile - when ever, where ever.
Included Included Included
Multi-Organisation Membership
One account can be a member of many organisations.
Included Not included Not included
Ease To Use
Simple interface with self-explainatory functions.
Included Not included Not included
Live Support
Straight to the development team - we're all pilots too!
Included Not included Not included
Developer Blog
Keep up to date with the latest release & other news.
Included Not included Not included
People Manager Included Included Included
Group Manager Included Not included Included
People & Group Permissions Included
Including Xero integration.
Included Not included Not included
Activity Logging Included Not included Included
Expirations Manager
Personal & Organisation.
Included Not included
Interactive Scheduler Included Included Included
Compliant with CAO 48 appendix based regulations.
Included Not included Not included
Multi-Site Capability Included Not included Included
Consolidated Resource Manager
Manage all resources in one place.
Included Not included Included
Flight Dispatcher Included Not included Included
Aircraft Maintainence
Compliant with CASA regulations.
Included Included Included
Paperless Logbooks
Individual & Organisation specific.
Included Individual only Individual only
Student Records
Tracked down to individual performance criteria.
Included Included Included
Wingman AI student summaries.
Included Not included Not included
Lesson Timetable Included Not included Not included
Advanced Course Builder
CASA Manual of Standards built-in.
Included Not included Included
Qualification Manager Included Included Not included
Compentency Manager
CASA Part 61 built-in with custom competency ability.
Included Not included Not included
Prerequisite Manager
Included Not included Included
Rubric Manager
Use CASA's Performance Standards or create your own.
Included Not included Not included
Exam System
Simulating CASA's PEXO for in-house assessment and training.
Included Not included Not included
Safety Management
Survey System Included Not included Not included
Hazard Management Included Not included Not included
Incident Reporting Included Not included Not included
Safety Notices Included Not included Not included
Document Library Included Included Included
Report Builder Included Limited Limited

We're trusted by thousands of aviators and educators.

About Us

Smart was founded in 2010 with a team of two, a big idea and a passion to reshape the industry.

We're an Aussie software business with a team spanning three continents. We build all-in-one resource management solutions for aviation. Removing the need for mountains of dusty filing cabinets and slow, inefficient practices.

Our modern application leverages the best of technology to make the challenges and concerns of running an aviation organisation like yours, simple and pain-free.

  • Nathan James

    Nathan James

    Founder / CEO

    Nathan understands aviation, with over 20 years managing regulations and flying schools. He can't understand why the kids always win Mario Kart.
  • Mike Ruby

    Mike Ruby

    Co-Founder / CTO

    PPL + CIR
    Mike's esteemed career in software has seen him pioneer solutions. Working smarter, not harder. If only he could apply that to renovating his house.
  • Sam Webster

    Sam Webster

    Software Developer

    CPL + MEIR
    Sam's passion is making the machine work for you, not you working for the machine. It's too bad he can't make his old Land Rover work for him.
  • Stefan Taber

    Stefan Taber

    Software Developer

    CPL + MEIR + FIR
    Stefan will tackle any problem with optimism. Nothing is too big of a challenge. Well, except for being the Dungeon Master on a Friday night.
  • Michaela Allison

    Michaela Allison

    Support Specialist

    CPL + MEIR
    Michaela loves helping you to find simpler ways to do things. Too bad that getting the fire going when camping is not so simple.
  • Tim Wickham

    Tim Wickham

    Systems Administrator

    AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner
    Tim is all about doing more with less through clean and efficient systems. His motorbike could do with a good tune up and a pressure wash though.
  • >Andrew Warland-Brown

    Andrew Warland-Browne

    Onboarding Specialist

    CPL + MEIR + FIR
    With over 30 years in aviation, there is not a lot that Andrew hasn’t done. He did fail at Clown School though as he couldn’t fit into the clown car.
  • >Russell Exley

    Russell Exley

    Solutions Architect

    Russell has been steering the ship of Project Management for over 30 years. If only he could steer an aircraft as well as the rest of the team.


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