More Documents & v3.2.3

5th August, 2021
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

Documents are now easier to access and manage, load faster and can be attached to more, like training records and events, which you can do right inside the scheduler. New Access Levels allow you to control who can see what documents, let's dive in!


It's now much easier and simpler to manage your documents anywhere in the system. The widget on a persons profile is now fully interactive, based on your permissions you can do things like view, edit and download documents right inside someones profile. You can also do this from the dashboard too.

We also expanded documents to be able to be associated with more areas of the system, like training records and events, which can be done from the training records and events themselves. You could do all of this inside the scheduler now and never leave that screen if you wish. For more information about the library and documents, please read the newly updated documentation here.

Access Levels

Being able to control who can see what documents in your organisation is essential, and that's why we have introduced Access Levels with v3.2.3. These enable you to control who can see what, based on their access level which can be assigned to a role in the permissions area. Documents now have an Access Level Required field, and only people with that access level or higher can view the document.

To setup your access levels administrators can vist their settings to get started. Like anything involving security and privacy we recommend starting with just one or two levels, and having a play to understand how the system works before more widely rolling out or creating several access levels.

More Flyovers

Like the flyover you may have seen recently for people, we have also made them for other resources like Aircraft and Assets. These new flyovers, including the people flyover, can now all be accessed from the resources area, and also directly inside the scheduler. This gives much easier access and control to areas like documents, which now means you can manage training records from inside the scheduler too. Have a look by using the new buttons where the resource names are and on the event cards, where you can now click or tap on the student and instructor.

Wrap Up

That's it for this week, we also made the scheduler options collapsable like the sidebar to give back more of the screen to the scheduler. It can be easily toggled open or closed, and should help those on smaller screens a lot.

We managed to fix a few bugs too, including making the scheduler respect inactive event types and cancellation types. Check out the full release notes in the Radar for more details. Until next time!

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