Better Lesson Records & v3.2.2

30th July, 2021
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

It was about time the lesson records got some much needed love. In this release we've added a ton of information to lesson records, made them easier to access, the ability create them without needing to book an event, and even print to PDF!

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Lesson Records

You can now access the full functionality of the lesson records, anywhere you can access a persons profile flyover (if you have the permissions). Simply click or tap their name, like in "People", "Flights", "Resources", "Timetable", "Students" and more. You can still see the persons profile, plus on the bottom left you can switch to "Records" where you now have the full power of the lesson records system. Edit existing records, create new ones, or even print a PDF with or without the notes. We think you'll love this, and it makes getting around a lot faster. You can now do all of this on the same screen you dispatch your flights - very powerful!

A big focus here was on making sure the lesson records showed at least the same data that they did in FSM/V2. We checked every field and total to make sure it is all there, plus more. This includes dual times, solo times, cross country times, all the times! Of course, the course logbook and total logbook times are back too, which are hidden to save space, they can be opened with the "Show Logbook Totals" button at the bottom of the record.

We also made it easier to view the assessment for the record, or the competencies, at the top right of the record. Toggle between "Details" and "Competencies", where you can drill right down to every performance criteria. We also added links back to the original event and flight, along with their status, making everything much easier to take in at a glance, reducing the need to dart around the system.

More Screen, Less Noise

We decided to hide the sidebar across the system, like you would have seen in the scheduler. This gives us back far more space to add more useful information, like can be seen in the new training records. As we move forward we want to really leverage and take advantage of all the screen real estate, and the sidebar was robbing us of this. This change makes for a cleaner view of the information you need. Make sure to refresh ;)

Complete Documentation

We have been getting a lot of feedback about the recently added Documentation - a feature that has been requested for a long time. The team completed the last of the documentation this week, so please check it out. Some parts are thinner than others as we currently in the middle of overhauling the associated areas, so their details will be more comprehensively documented once finished.

Wrap Up

Last, we managed to get a couple of bugs fixed too, one where the event booking was not always respecting the order of events within the lesson, or the order of the lessons themselves. The other with the maintenance item form not resetting properly.

If you haven't already, please take 10 seconds to do our Finance System Survey, it's just one question, honestly 10 seconds at most.

That's it from us this week, we reckon you'll absolutely love these enhancements, and look forward to delivering more next week!

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