Introducing the Launchpad - v3.2.1

23rd July, 2021
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

We love your feedback, it's key to making sure we continue to build a system that works for you, so we created the Launchpad. We also need your help on the next finance integration too, plus we fixed some bugs.

Finance System Survey


The Launchpad is our new home for all your ideas and feedback for Smart. Of course, we'll continue to provide our industry leading support (The current average response time is 5 minutes during business hours. Go Ben!) for any problems or issues you are experiencing. However, to help make things a little clearer we came up with the Launchpad, a place for you to raise your ideas with the whole Smart community.

We have found that often we recieve feedback for the same ideas from multiple people, so great minds think alike! To help keep everyone in the loop and maintain transparency on what ideas have been raised by the community we built the Launchpad. Here you can submit an idea to the team, if accepted it can then be voted on. This gives everyone a fair go and a chance to have their voice heard.

After two weeks, if the idea has gathered enough votes the team will then integrate it into the pipeline, from this point you can follow the development and even join the beta testing "Launchpad" program to get access to features early, like those raised from the Launchpad. Check it out and have a look, we put an idea up to get things started, the much loved Departure Board.

Beta Testing

As we add more stability to the system over the coming months, we don't want to impact what works while we might be trying out new features and ideas.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

We must move forward though, and for those who are interested we have added the option for you to join our beta testing "Launchpad" program. This will give you early access to features in development before anyone else. Of course, beware that if you do join, beta features are not totally polished and may be buggy at times.

This is of course 100% optional, you can turn it on or off any time from your profile. We're excited about this and to give those who want to be close to the metal a chance to test out new stuff and help provide feedback on what they do and don't like, all without disrupting the day to day and stability of the system.

Finance Integrations

We have support for Xero and our own built-in finance system, but we know there are many others out there like MYOB, Sage or QuickBooks. So in order to help us build the next finance integration, please complete this super fast survey so we can make sure we develop the next integration.

Wrap Up

We also managed to get a bunch of bugs fixed, so check out the release notes in the Radar for all the details. The team are now busy working on improvements to the training records, like adding a record without having to book an event or flight. Plus the exam system is well underway and getting closer, a good chance to join the beta "Launchpad" program for sure. From the whole team here at Smart, have a great weekend!

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