Upcoming Dispatch System Release

28th July, 2023
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

The new dispatching system will be released at night on Sunday the 6th of August. This is a release you can’t ignore as the changes will impact operations. To help you prepare we're running three live demos next week and publishing an overview video and article before we release.

What’s Changing

On Sunday the 6th of August, that night we will be releasing version 3.7 of Smart which contains the new Smart Dispatching System.

This new system not only allows for flight dispatching, but also event dispatching and meeting dispatching, requested by many of you. While aspects may resemble the current flight dispatching system, the two are not the same, and the change for existing organisations is likely to impact operations while you adjust.

To do everything we can to minimise disruption and prepare you for the changes, we have given advance notice of the release date & time so you can plan accordingly, in addition we will be hosting three live demo sessions which are open to all to join and see the changes, learn what the impacts are, and ask questions. We will also be releasing a Radar article dedicated to the new Smart Dispatching System going into much more detail than this one. There will also be an overview video available to watch too.

Live Demos

We have scheduled three live demo sessions which will cover aspects like the design process, overview, settings, booking, dispatching, returning, documentation, support and a Q&A session at the end.

The sessions are as follows in Brisbane, Australia Time (+10:00):

We have a night, morning and afternoon session to try and give you all the best chance of making at least one session. It is highly recommended at least one person in your operations team attends a session so they can learn of the changes before Monday the 7th of August.

Overview Video

There will be an overview video posted in the coming days which will give a short & sweet look at the system, highlighting some new features and some guidance for existing organisations on the transition. Share the video once it’s up with your team so everyone can be aware of the changes.

Overview Article

There will also be an overview article posted in the coming days which will cover the main changes and important information to be aware of with the new system. Even if you attend a demo, or watch the video, it will still be worth reading the article and sharing it amongst your team so everyone is aware of the changes.

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