Recency Part One & v3.6.2

13th February, 2023
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

It’s a new year and we have been busy getting straight back into it. This release sees the first part of the much anticipated recency system being introduced, as well as a raft of improvements and performance enhancements across the platform. Let’s dive in!

Recency Part One

We recently have made a series of updates to logbooks and flight returns to facilitate and allow for recency tracking. When returning flights you can now nominate which landings and instrument procedures should be awarded to which pilot, plus you can select the instrumentation used on the approach for approach recency requirements. Manual logbook entries have also had a bunch of tweaks allowing you to input landings, instrument procedures and more specific flight & aircraft information, all of which helps feed into your recency.

There is a new dashboard widget where you can view your personal recency and administrators can monitor recency across the organisation. Please make your organisation's “owner” aware that there is an upgrade pathway available on their dashboard only for how they can choose to implement this in the organisation. At the moment there is no enforcement of the recency on bookings or dispatches, this is intentional and to allow enough time for you to accumulate and enter enough data which can then be used to enforce recency requirements which will come in a future “Part Two” release.

View Weekly Roster

The roster widget has got a small update to now allow you (or administrators) to look at your weekly roster. You can also change the relative time input to look at past or future rosters if required.

Coming Soon

The team has been hard working on two main areas, the first is dispatches. We're currently expanding the dispatching system to cover all events in Smart, not just flights. We have been taking on your feedback and will be including dispatch authorisation and verification as well as a host of other tweaks and inclusions like SARTIME, checklists per event type and much more. This is a big one, and has a lot of moving parts so we can't promise a date, but we're working hard on it.

Next is notifications, right now the team is working on delivering the next level of notifications within Smart and also a cornerstone on the road to building the iOS & Android App announced at last year's Smart Summit. It will include a fully customisable notification centre where the organisation can select from all the notifications across the system and how they want them delivered, such as via email, push notification or maybe even SMS. There will also be the option to manually send notifications on bookings at any time, like at the end of the day.

Wrap Up

There is also more than we can mention here, now that Version 3 has some runs on the board we have been making many under-the-hood performance optimisations to keep the system feeling responsive. Check out the release notes if you want all the details. The team is passionate and fired up, with so much more is in store for 2023, it’s going to be a big one! Until next time.

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