Performance, Support & v3.4.2

9th September, 2022
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

This release focused on increasing the performance of the scheduler and many other parts of the system. We overhauled the support system and added a new feedback system. Plus we made many other tweaks and more, let’s dive in!


Since the release of the new scheduler in v3.4 we have been keeping a close eye on how it has been performing and working for everyone now it’s out. We have made several tweaks to the engine powering the scheduler to increase its performance and reduce load times, especially for our large organisations who can be processing over 700 resources at once!

Converting a non-lesson event to a lesson based event, and vice versa is now much better, along with several other minor tweaks and fixes to lesson based events to make booking them easier.

Support & Feedback

You may have noticed our new support portal with quick access to all the support options we have on offer. We also now have a super simple feedback system which you can access at any time from the top menu bar. Just look for the loudspeaker icon and you can give us your feedback - so we know what you would like to see next, prioritise, and get it built for you.

Automated Ticket Updates

We have also made support tickets connect to the system the development team use to track and monitor ticket progress internally. This means you will start seeing automated notifications as the development team start work on your specific issue or next great idea - a bit like how you can check your shipping tracking! It’s early days, but with this direct connection between you and the developers, you will always be up to date on progress straight from the coal face.


Much of this release is related to performance, and increasing the speed of the system as a whole. We have focussed on key areas that were having large impacts on load speed and response times, and cut down their loading times in many cases by an order of magnitude. This would be particularly evident for people who have large numbers (100’s or 1000’s) of individual tasks, notifications and roster periods. Regardless, everyone will benefit from these improvements.

The Rest

There are many quality of life improvements in this release, like improved invoice CSV’s, ability to look at your flight and duty tracker relative to any point in time, increase the range of roster periods you can clock in and out of, better lesson editing, a new lesson record editing permission, better lesson record deleting to prevent duplicate/orphaned logbook entries, and bug fixes. For the full list, check out the release notes.

Wrap Up

The team are now working hard on a suite of improvements and updates to the Safety Management System, alongside tweaks to the finance system and how invoices are generated from your events. Thank you to those who have started utilising the new feedback system, this is just the beginning of that and we are excited for how that will influence the development and ultimately get your feedback integrated faster. Until next time!

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