Carry Competencies Forward, Agenda & v3.3.19

8th July, 2022
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

Lesson records will now carry competencies forward, plus you can add additional competencies. There is a new Agenda widget on the dashboard so you can see your upcoming events. Adding manual lesson records is now much easier and more! Let’s dive in.

Carrying Competencies Forward

Competencies Any performance criteria from competencies on lesson records you either didn’t mark or the student did not achieve the lesson standard required, will be automatically “carried forward” to the next lesson record until the standard is met. This makes sure nothing slips through the cracks and the performance criteria for the associated competencies are met by the time the unit is completed.

Carried forward competencies will be shown at the top of the training record, followed by the lesson competencies, which are those set out in the lesson matrix mappings as you would have always seen, and lastly any additional competencies.

Adding Additional Competencies

Along with carrying forward competencies, you can now add additional competencies to a lesson record. Scroll down to the bottom of where you mark the competencies and there is an “Additional” section where you can “Show All” to see all the other performance criteria associated & mapped to that unit.

This allows, as is often required, the ability to mark elements outside of the intended lesson, like if you did some additional steep turns or PFL’s on a stalling lesson or dual nav, it’s now super easy and simple to add them in.


On your dashboard there is now an Agenda widget which shows your upcoming events which you can configure for today, this week or until a custom date you pick. It shows everything you could need to know, like the times, the lesson, the student & instructor or PIC and other pilot, aircraft registration, flight rules & flight type, plus you can print it straight from the widget if you need a hard copy or PDF.


Manual Lesson Records

When adding a manual lesson record to a student’s file, once you save the record will be automatically selected and opened for marking and completing straight away, no longer will you have to add it, then go looking for it - it just happens now.

The Rest

There was also a lot more that was done for this release, overall the performance of lesson records was improved as a result of the new carrying forward & additional competencies. The Events and Landing Location Totals reports got updated with new and additional information. The scheduler and rostering now handle DST changeovers much better, and of course we fixed some bugs. For the full list of everything in this release, please check out the release notes.

Wrap Up

That’s all we got this time round, thanks to all those who recently joined us for the first Smart Summit, you can watch the recording here in case you missed it. The team are hard at work and plan on releasing the new scheduler in full soon, which will have things like linked event dragging, the ability to see what other resources you are already booked in, and plenty more. Until next time!

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