Better Tax, LMS Overview, MoS & v3.3.17

26th May, 2022
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

Tax - it’s no fun for anyone, but we’ve made a number of improvements, particularly for those who use Xero. We have written up a solid overview of the LMS, made enhancements to the Manual of Standards and the updating process, along with a truckload of other enhancements and fixes. Let’s dive in.

Tax Rates

We updated how tax is handled for both those using the built in finance system and for those of you using Xero. If you are using the built in system you can now better set custom tax rates from the finance settings, and if you’re using Xero it will bring in your tax rates to use from Xero where you can set the default. We recommend that if you use the finance system a lot, have an administrator update these settings promptly.

LMS Overview

The Learning Management System (LMS) within Smart is one of the largest systems in the application. It comprises the most amount of distinct areas and sections, all of which relate and intertwine with one another. How all this information relates to each other can be a bit tricky to navigate at first, or when you haven’t been into a particular area for some time.

We’ve updated the documentation to provide a comprehensive overview of the entire LMS, what each section does, and how it all relates, including some nice diagrams - because as they say, a picture says a thousand words.

Manual of Standards

There have been significant improvements in how we manage the CASA Manual of Standards. This is a big one and It’s importance should not be downplayed. Whilst this has no immediate impacts to anybody, if you are wanting to update your version of the Manual of Standards then you will want to take note.

The first thing is that you must read the documentation on updating the MoS within Smart. This has been updated and explains in detail the process, how it works and the impacts updating can have. We can’t really sugar coat this one - it is arguably the most powerful yet impactful operation you can do in Smart.

We have made updates to our master copy of the MoS, which is now available for you to update to if you wish. For many this will update your existing version, so you may want to set aside time to perform the update. We have put more safeguards in place and you will now need to enter your password to perform the update to prevent any slips. There is also now the ability when updating to get a list of students who may be impacted by the update.

Remember that there’s nothing that forces you to update - it’s 100% your call when to do this and it won’t affect anything you’re currently doing. It’s only a concern when you actually update. If you need help or have any questions please contact our friendly team for guidance or advice.

Custom Competencies / Training Packages

We often get asked if we support custom training packages, like an AVI50219 Diploma, or totally custom for internal staff training, and the answer is yes - Administrators can go to “Competencies” from the sidebar and then add your custom training packages with Competencies, Elements and Performance Criteria. At this stage we don’t autoload in AQSA/RTO training packages as there are just so many, and the MoS is our priority, but there is nothing to stop you from adding these if you need.

Time Clock

The time clock where you clock in and out has been updated to be more intuitive to use, and will also warn you if you’ve already completed a shift that day so you don’t double up. It’s a fairly small tweak, but should make life a lot easier for those who use it.


The logbook table received a minor refresh, it now works better on smaller devices like tablets/iPads and will show larger hours without cutting them off. It also now better shows the New Zealand format for our friends across the ditch.

So Much More

Honestly, there is so much more that was improved and fixed up in this release, so much of which was due to your feedback. We can’t go through each point here, but please check out the full list in the release notes. Here is a short collection:

  • Changed flight return to better detect the previous hours.
  • Changed flight return form changed slightly to flow more naturally.
  • Expirations screen improved and will now better display what's due next.
  • Fixed a bug where resources allow booking/dispatch settings weren't checked when booking.
  • Improved ordering of elements and performance criteria when editing or viewing lesson records.
  • Fixed a bug where negative flight and duty totals would not display correctly.
  • Fixed a bug when trying to upload images on exam questions and answers.

Wrap Up

That’s it for this one. The team are going hard to continue on the new scheduler which we hope to fully release soon, but please do keep the feedback coming in the meantime. We have some cool new features on the horizon and look forward to sharing those with you soon. Until next time!

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