The Importance of Cyber Security in 2022

16th March, 2022
Ben Childs

Ben Childs

Cloud Engineer

The last two years have been difficult for our industry. We've seen businesses come, but mostly go. For those that have weathered this storm, they continue to operate in ways that differ from what was previously the norm.
Now, just when it looked like we were coming out the other side of this global pandemic, a new crisis has emerged in Europe with the potential to directly affect us here in Australia. We’re already seeing the effects of this through our fuel prices.

With the conflict between Russia and Ukraine growing by the day, the attacks are not confined to the physical world, nor are Russia's enemies limited to those defending their home soil – cyberattacks are now a common threat to those outside of the conflict zone.
Reports emerged recently that, due to Australia's support for Ukraine in the conflict, Russia may carry out cyberattacks on Australian businesses, government, and individuals. The Smart team would like to take this opportunity to remind customers using our flagship product – Flight Operations Manager (FOM) – that we take the security and integrity of your data very seriously, and have numerous measures in place to not only rectify any unlikely data loss, but to also prevent intrusions, as well as detect any attempts to intrude upon our systems before they occur.

Since this threat emerged, we have taken further firewalling measures to prevent access by any potential attackers. These measures will ensure that we remain invisible to any would-be attackers.

For our customers who have yet to move from Flight School Manager V2 (FSM), please ensure your IT teams review and monitor your network security to ensure there is no unauthorised access to your FSM server, and more importantly, your entire network. Additionally, ensure regular, off-site backups are being taken to allow recovery should you be on the receiving end of an attack.
The attacks that are anticipated are of a ransomware nature, which encrypt and lock you out of your systems until a ransom is paid to the attackers to decrypt it - it's expected that any funds paid to attackers will go toward funding Russia's war efforts due to the collapse of their economy as the result of international sanctions. This is not a new attack, and it can be devastating in the event that the culprits don't follow through on decrypting the data if the ransom is paid. Without backups, you have no way of recovering your data should this occur.

If you're currently using FSM and feel that now is the time to move to the cloud-based FOM, please reach out to our team so we can start that process for you as soon as possible. For our customers on FOM already, know that your business is in safe hands.

If you have any queries regarding the security of your data, please open a support ticket.

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