NZ Licences, Medicals & v3.3.12

4th February, 2022
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

Now you can add your New Zealand CAA Licences and Medicals. There has also been lots of smaller changes and tweaks based on all your feedback. Let’s take a look.

NZ CAA Licences & Medicals

As we continue to support our operators in New Zealand, the ability for you to add your NZ CAA Licences and Medicals has now been added. Visit your licences and medicals area to add them in, or operators can update their students, instructors and other pilots’ profiles to add them in.

Tweaks & Optimisations

While we typically update on bigger changes or enhancements, like the new scheduler, rostering, and event booking systems, there has been a mountain of smaller tweaks and optimisations since the last release. Make sure to read the changelog, as there are about 32 additions, changes and other fixes.

Wrap Up

Thank you for continuing to support us and provide valuable feedback, we pride ourselves on taking all of your questions and ideas seriously. Our developers continue to personally respond to every request for support within an average of 20 minutes. Please keep the feedback coming, you make the system better and more powerful by the day. Until next time!

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