Course Flight Hours & v3.3.11

21st January, 2022
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

You can now set flight hours against a course, like tracking the required hours a student needs to obtain or monitoring allocated hours for a specific aircraft type. All shown on lesson records or the new Course Hours Breakdown report. Let’s look at all the details and how your organisation can start using this new feature.

Course Flight Hours

By popular request, we’ve added the ability to optionally set flight hours for a course, like general (non cross country), cross country, dual, solo, low level, and mountain time. Yes, you can now track low level and mountain time from this release as well. Plus you can also set hours for specific aircraft types, very helpful when trying to ascertain the specific makeup of hours for a licence issue, but also for monitoring allocated or budgeted hours on certain types.

Course Hour Breakdowns

Going with the new course flight hours, we have also expanded on the breakdown of course hours. There is a new Course Hours Breakdown report which can be accessed from the sidebar under “Reporting”, where, if set, you can see a breakdown per student of the hours they have obtained as part of that course, along with the required and remaining hours they need to complete.

This course hour breakdown is also shown at the bottom of each lesson record, where there is a button to “Show Course Totals” and “Show All Time Totals”. Course totals only look at hours where the flight was done as part of that specific course, all time totals look at every record from the students logbook & training records.

Wrap Up

As always, please check out the changelog for all the details. We added a new aircraft category filter to the flights screen to make it easier to manage for operators with mixed fleets of fixed and rotary wing aircraft. We also rectified some bugs and are continuing to work on the new scheduler, particularly integration of rostering, and hope to share some updates in that space soon. Until next time!

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