Account Rights & v3.3.10

17th January, 2022
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

No slowing down for 2022! We introduce Account Rights, with the ability to edit all aspects of a person's profile, such as their contact information, licences & medicals. We also made some enhancements to exams, like the ability to adjust results. There is a lot in this one so let’s dive on in.

Account Rights

This release sees the introduction of Account Rights. Now there is a bit in this (sorry!), but it’s important we share how this works as it is a fairly big change. We recommend you let your administrators know and read the updated documentation.

Account rights are the rights between an individual's account and the organisation(s) they are a member of. As you know, your Smart account can be connected to many organisations. To this date they have all been set as read only, meaning an organisation could not edit a person's profile like their contact details, next of kin, licences, medicals and so forth.

We know this may be confusing at first, so wherever account rights can be set or adjusted, there is a handy matrix shown of what each setting means and who has read and write access so you can select the appropriate one.

Now, with the appropriate account rights, organisations can edit an individual's information. Any account that was created by the organisation on someone's behalf, like most student accounts, will be set to “exclusive” account rights. Exclusive account rights mean that only administrators of the organisation that person belongs to can edit their information, which is fairly common with student accounts.

Any account that was created by an individual themselves, and then introduced to an organisation, will be set to “read” account rights. Read account rights mean only the individual will be able to edit their information. The organisation can still view it, but they can’t edit it.

There are also “write” account rights, where both the organisation and the individual can edit the information. No accounts will have this enabled by default, and, if required, must be requested by the respective party.

An organisation can downgrade an individual's account rights whenever they wish by editing a person's profile. If an organisation needs elevated account rights these must be requested from the individual, which they can accept or reject, so we recommend having a conversation first to give them the heads up if you wish to change.

Individuals can also request that their account rights be lowered, which, again, the organisation can decide to accept or deny. Once again, we recommend having a conversation with the organisation first. There can be many valid reasons to adjust these, like training, or being a casual at multiple organisations.

Organisations can request exclusive account rights from other organisations, like with student transfers. There are much more details in the updated documentation, and, of course, our support team is on hand to help out during the transition.

Editing Profiles

With the new account rights system, this now means you can (when set appropriately) edit a person's profile - particularly helpful when managing student profiles. There are now dedicated buttons for licences, medicals, logbooks and editing. You can also now access your own profile via your profile picture on the top menu. Just select it, then “Profile” to open it up!

Exam Enhancements

We have had some feedback regarding the Exams system, and are happy to announce manually marked exams - helpful for short response questions and other written styles where the computer can’t really mark the response. As part of this, we also made it possible to edit exam results.

The exam content manager now also has filters to make life easier, and the exam questions will filter by the training blocks & subjects selected when making or editing an exam.

Lesson Record Performance

Some changes under the hood have been made to give the lesson records a big performance boost. We now also show the last completed lesson at the top of the record selection sidebar, rather than having to hunt for it.

To run checks across all courses, units and lessons that a person has passed you will need to toggle the “Check Passes” option at the top left of the lesson records screen, this can take a while to process as there are a lot of calculations that need to be performed against every lesson record that student has.

Wrap Up

There was so much more than we could mention here, so check out the changelog for all the details. There were over 37 additions, changes and fixes this week alone. Also, we have updated many areas of the documentation and added a whole lot of new documentation to do with your personal profile, like the new account rights feature. Until next time!

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