Scheduler Progress, Activity Report & v3.3.7

10th December, 2021
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

The new scheduler is well underway and we want to share with you how it’s progressing so far and where it’s headed. The new Activity Report is available and it’s now easier to complete training records after a flight. There is a bit going on here so let’s go!

Scheduler Progress

The team have been working flat strap to build something we think will truly change the way you schedule for the better, here is a look so far.


The biggest thing you will notice straight away is the sheer amount of information we have packed in on the screen, being able to see around 30 resources without needing to scroll on a standard computer monitor or around 23 on a standard iPad. There is a detailed mode which shows more information if space is not much of a concern or you need to dig deeper. Hovering over the event brings up more information, and finally selecting the event brings up even more, progressively showing more and more detail as required.

This new scheduler is entirely hand built by our team, from scratch. There are no rebranded plugins or any off-the-shelf components, giving us an incredible amount of control over every aspect, reducing the overhead for things you don’t need, and expanding on the aviation centric and specific things you do need. This keeps things fast and as you can see, able to take in a huge amount of information at a glance.

This is only just the start, stage one of many to come over the coming weeks.


Activity Report

The new & improved Activity Report is now available to use. It can be used to generate Student, Aircraft and Instructor activity reports, across flights, ground events and supervised flights & simulator sessions done by instructors. It can be exported/printed to PDF as well. We also updated the Aircraft Flight Report at the same time too. We know how much everyone has been after these reports and we hope you like them.

Returns & Training Records

When completing a flight return, you can now optionally “Save & Complete Lesson Record” straight from the flights screen, making it fast and simple to complete the training portion of a flight.

Wrap Up

We are now doing everything we can to further stabilise the system in preparation for the Christmas break. This will be our last feature-based release for 2021, with the rest of our time devoted to any bugs that pop up. We hope you like the new additions, and are excited for the new scheduler, we can’t wait to get it to you. Until next time!

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