Welcome to Michaela

30th November, 2021
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

Our newest member of the team, Michaela, has joined the Smart family this week. We’re also launching our new Concierge service, plus we have put out another release. Let’s jump in!

Meet Michaela

michaela Please welcome the newest member to join Smart, Michaela. Like the rest of our team, she is a pilot and holds both a CPL and MEIR. She is taking over the role of support & training from David and loves to help people find simpler ways to improve their operations, taking pride in ensuring you have a great experience. She loves all things outdoors, be it going boating, 4WD’ing, fishing, you name it. You might even find her out at the campsite one weekend. To get in touch you can contact Michaela at

The Concierge

We know that getting ready for an audit can be hard, that’s why we have some of the best experts in the industry to help guide you through the process with our new Concierge platform. Designed to make it easy for you and your team to get in touch with leading professionals like RTO compliance.

Entry to the Concierge is restricted to organisation owners as it’s a paid service, once you have access you can add more people to your team as required. It’s designed to be fluid and something your team can jump in and out of over time as you need, the conversation will be preserved into the future should you need to go back and reference anything.

Sidebar Button

A little detail, but a big one if you can’t find it. We have moved the sidebar up to the left of the logo, the three little horizontal bars or “hamburger” is now the way to open and close the sidebar. We have also revamped the navigation bar along the top of the screen to display better on smartphones.

Wrap Up

The team is also hard at work on the new scheduler and we hope to provide an update and sneak peak into its progress soon. The whole team is very excited about it and looking forward to sharing our hard work. We have also pushed a small release with some minor enhancements and fixes, so be sure to check out the changelog for full details. Until next time!

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