Licences, Maintenance, Simulators & v3.3.3

14th October, 2021
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

Licences & medicals can now have documents attached to them directly. Daily Inspections are now integrated. Simulators are handled much better during dispatch & return, and finally flight returns can be completed in one step!

Licence & Medical Uploads

From the individual’s side, you can now upload a copy of your licence and medical directly against the issuer, licence, rating, endorsement or medical, rather than having to previously upload it to an organisation’s document library. This means, like your licence & medical details, the uploaded copy will also travel with your account, meaning you only need to upload & set it once.

For most situations you can upload your licence and medical directly against the issuer, like CASA. Seeing as CASA typically put all your licence details one one document, and all the medical details on one document, simply upload against the issuer, and any licence, medical, rating or endorsement will automatically reference back to that copy. If required, you can, of course, upload additional documents directly to an individual licence, medical, rating or endorsement.

Daily Inspections

Part 3 of the CASA Maintenance Release is now integrated with the maintenance system. This now allows your organisation to maintain compliance with Part 3, including dispatching checks. These checks can be overridden if required once an administrator adjusts the settings.

Having daily inspections also allows for maintenance time to be better synchronised with Smart. Like when an aircraft may fly, but that flight is not done within Smart, previously this could lead to maintenance hours becoming out of step. This problem is now solved by filling in the daily inspection, and the maintenance system will compensate as expected. At the same time, we also made some changes to the way maintenance time is checked and calculated to better accommodate this addition and integrate feedback we have received.

Simulator Handling

We revised how simulators are handled during dispatch & return, to now bypass unnecessary checks like TOFL & TOLL, Waypoints and Flight & Duty checks. Simulators by default are now also excluded from dispatch checklists. If you need to include your simulators in dispatch checklists, there is an option for this which an administrator can change in the settings.

Logbook entries are also better handled with simulators. Now the sim time is given to the student, and a logbook entry is not created for the instructor.

Flight Returns

Now flight returns will use all the planned data to pre-fill the entire return, meaning if the flight occurred as planned, it can be returned just by opening the return and pressing “Save”. All the times in & out, along with fuel burn & logbooks will be calculated from the event duration and the route & landing set from the waypoints. While it may not be accurate all the time, because as we know things can, and do, often change from what was planned. This will, at the minimum, make things much faster and easier for most operations.

Wrap Up

The team is hard at work continuing to enhance and optimise key areas of the platform, working to increase the overall stability and performance to make life easier and more efficient for all organisations. Until next time!

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