Welcome to the Radar & v3.0.9

11th March, 2021
Sam Webster

Sam Webster

Software Developer

We made some major improvements to the Learning Management System including the ability to add lesson plans, custom competencies (or training packages) and more. Also, welcome to the Radar!

LMS Performance Boost

The primary focus of this release was on improving the Learning Management System or LMS. We made a raft of changes under the hood to speed up performance and managed to yield a performance increase of up to 94% in certain circumstances. We also took this opportunity to overhaul the lesson design process, from setting the matrix to editing the actual lesson itself.

Lesson Plans

Lesson editing is now much easier and uses more of the screen in a new "flyover" to more easily create and update lessons. This added screen real estate was also necessary to allow for the creation of lesson plans. You can either upload a document, such as a PDF, or you can manually enter in a lesson plan for each individual event. Smart will then collate and generate a lesson plan for you on demand.

Competencies & Training Packages

This much requested feature is finally here! Until now you have been limited to using the CASA Manual of Standards. However, from today "Competencies" is now accessible from the sidebar (make sure you update permissions first). Inside here you can now add a new training package or custom competencies, for things like internal check and training, or for any other training package you require.

Peoples Profiles

We have also added profiles for the people in your organisation, these have been sprinkled in various parts of the system, usually by clicking on the persons name or "View Profile". This will then open up a flyover and give you an at-a-glance overview of that person, things like their details, licences, medicals, upcoming events and more. You can also open the profile in a dedicated window or tab if you wish.

The Little Things

This release, like all releases also includes many smaller tweaks and enhancements, things like typos or strange visual glitches. These include the ability to "mark all notifications as read", highlighting permissions that aren't granted to anybody, even down to making large organisation names fit nicer in the sidebar.

The Radar

This brings us to the Radar, our new home for keeping you in the loop about any news, announcements or releases. We want to keep you all informed of what is going on, and provide a view behind the lens and into the engine room of Smart. From the home screen of the Radar you can also see the roadmap of what we are developing and what's coming up.

On The Horizon

Currently the team are working hard on two key areas, one is finalising V2-to-V3 pathways to migrate across and the other is enhancing and improving the scheduler, the heart of Smart. Both of which are very tricky, complex systems but crucial. After that the next main focus for the team is on the financial system, such as invoices, charter quotes, Xero/MYOB integration and more.

That's all from us for now, we better get back to the code!

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